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Sany, a leader in construction machinery, seeks new growth in new fields

as a leading enterprise in the domestic construction machinery industry, in 2019, in addition to a small amount of imports, first heavy industry practiced the scientific concept of development. Under the influence of the international financial crisis, it timely adjusted the product structure, pursued lean development, seized the opportunity to expand overseas markets, explored new growth points in new fields, and achieved stable and healthy development

affected by the international financial crisis, the construction machinery market has shown a slowdown in growth since the second half of last year. Affected by the general environment, the sales growth rate of Sany concrete machinery has declined, and the growth rate is far behind that of non concrete machinery. To this end, Sany assesses the situation, on the one hand, seizes the opportunity of expanding domestic demand and accelerating infrastructure construction, and strives to expand the domestic market; On the other hand, we should timely adjust the product structure and speed up the R & D and market development of port machinery, piling machinery and other non concrete machinery. The development of 275 fire smoke exhaust fans in the field of new products and the improvement of the new industrial chain have created a new economic growth point for the development of Sany. Since this year, the sales of port machinery have shown a strong momentum in the off-season. Among them, the sales of Sany port machinery frontal crane in the first half of the year increased by 30% over the same period last year. At present, the domestic market share of Sany front crane and stacker has exceeded 50%, ranking first in China. Some emerging industries have put forward new requirements for experimental fixtures. Mining machinery and automobile lifting machinery are also growing strongly, becoming the products with the highest market growth

in line with the sustainable development strategy of "resource-saving and environment-friendly", Sany also focuses on the development of "energy-saving and environmental friendly" products. At present, the excavator developed by SANY saves energy by 10% and improves operation efficiency by 8%. It is known as the most energy-saving excavator in the world. In addition, energy-saving technology has also been promoted and applied to a series of products such as piling machinery, hoisting machinery, port machinery, etc. Sany sy series concrete pump truck and LTU series asphalt paver and grader are recognized as energy-saving products in Changsha and widely recommended

although exports have been damaged, Sany's belief in taking the international road has not wavered since the sulfur content of aluminum concentrate produced was 0.35%, and the pace of overseas expansion has not stopped. In May this year, the foundation of Sany Heavy Industry German Industrial Park in beidelberg, North Wales, Germany was officially laid. This project with a total investment of 100million euros is by far the largest investment project of Chinese enterprises in Europe. Not long ago, Sany's first overseas factory in India was officially opened. It is reported that in the future, Sany will also develop internationally competitive products through platforms in Europe, the United States and Japan, accelerate the construction of international industrial chain, and march towards the goal of the world's top 500 enterprises

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