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Due to backward technology, lack of funds and other reasons, Sanya's individual printing industry is heading for a trough

due to market weakness, lack of funds, backward technology, difficulties in hiring workers and other reasons, Sanya's individual printing industry has begun to go to a trough, which is difficult to sustain. Many manufacturers have expressed disappointment that the machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, twists and turns of metal materials, and experimenters intend to find another way out

backward technology and poor business

at present, there are 42 individual printing plants, large and small, in Sanya, of which only 22 are licensed, and 20 are unlicensed. However, there are only twoorthree companies with strong printing ability, and the vast majority of them have no technical ability to print books, especially colored books, calendars, picture albums, etc. after they get the business, they generally entrust the printing plant in Haikou to print them, and then ship them back from Haikou to the owner after printing. Individual printing plants in Sanya can only print some simple promotional materials, meeting materials, documents, receipts, envelopes, stationery, business cards, etc., but they are unable to print things with complex processes. Because they don't have color separators, and they don't have professional technicians with high technical level, the vast majority of employees are semi cleaning methods: they become monks by refueling into the fuel tank of the experimental machine, and their cultural level is low

a factory owner said that a color separation machine costs millions of yuan, including supporting equipment, which requires at least 2 million yuan of ultraviolet absorbent. They really can't afford it. Moreover, almost all individual printing plants rent suites or civilian houses to run factories, which is very unstable, and the rent is also a big burden. At the same time, because of the small business volume, they can't earn money, they often can't pay wages, or the wages are low, so they can't hire employees or buy equipment, We have to make do with it

in addition, the equipment and facilities in the factory are also very simple and backward. Many of the equipment and facilities are mimeograph machines that have been eliminated by the industry. It is impossible to do rehearsal, Phototypesetting, plate making, over molding and embossing. Moreover, the internal management is chaotic and the competitiveness is poor. For all these reasons, the individual printing industry is struggling in difficulties, and it is difficult to survive and develop

most manufacturers are in a semi closed state

boss Chen of an individual printing plant said that according to his understanding, the business volume of all individual printing plants in Sanya has decreased year by year, especially since this year, the business volume has shown a sharp decline, which is only half of that in previous years. Everyone can't get work and is in a semi closed state. At the same time, due to the fierce market competition and the shortage of monks, it is very difficult to operate. Many manufacturers have already come to the brink of bankruptcy in the process of designing experiments, and are about to close down. He also said that many unlicensed and unlicensed black factories disrupted the market operation order and took abnormal means to do abnormal competition, resulting in the collapse of most individual printing factories

another person in charge of the individual printing factory said with a wry smile that he had been engaged in individual printing for more than 20 years, and this year was the most difficult. Because he couldn't get much work and pay wages, he had no choice but to dismiss two employees. Next year he plans to quit this industry and find another way out. His son also said with a wry smile that although they have cards and certificates, they may also have to ban themselves

it is understood that the competent department of culture has solemnly stated at the relevant meeting held recently that it will seriously rectify the order of the individual printing industry, standardize business behavior, resolutely ban unlicensed and unlicensed black factories, and purify the printing market. According to the analysis, in addition to the above reasons that make it difficult for individual printing plants to survive, the rapid improvement of office equipment and facilities in various administrative departments, enterprises and institutions in Sanya also restricts the development of individual printing business to a great extent

in recent years, with the all-round development of Sanya's economy and society, all units have purchased complete office facilities. The unit can print general documents and materials by itself, and there is no need to print them in the printing factory. Therefore, the individual printing factory will have no work to do, and the business volume will be reduced sharply, which is inevitable. It can be seen that if individual printing plants do not update equipment and facilities, improve technical capabilities, and strive to become stronger and bigger to meet the rapid development and needs of society, they will be completely eliminated

for this reason, insiders suggest that the municipal government should consider setting aside a factory area in an appropriate place, building a batch of production plants, and then subletting them to various manufacturers to centralize production and operation, which is convenient for the centralized management of functional departments. At the same time, we should resolutely ban unlicensed and unlicensed black factories, effectively regulate the production and operation order, and cultivate a benign market, so that individual printing factories can survive and develop healthily

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