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The tool industry should develop and grasp the new opportunity of the revitalization plan of the manufacturing industry

under the severe situation that the global financial crisis continues to spread and deepen and the economies of all countries in the world generally decline, in order to cope with the financial crisis, governments of all countries have taken effective measures to stimulate economic recovery, and economic entities in all industries are also actively looking for good countermeasures, And formed a consensus: we should take the crisis as an opportunity for industry transformation and enterprise product technology upgrading, and rely on scientific and technological innovation and the use of advanced manufacturing technology to overcome the financial crisis

as Mr. long Shiji, chairman of the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association (AMT), said, "we are now in an economic downturn, and we must focus on turning the crisis into an opportunity to improve our long-term strength. And manufacturing technology is a productivity tool to help enterprises cope with changes, even adverse changes." He also pointed out that the economic recession can stimulate people's interest in purchasing advanced manufacturing technology

the "3P" logo used by iska company when it recently launched its newly developed sumotec series blade brand -- high performance, high productivity and high profitability -- represents the high-quality technical resources provided by the tool industry for the manufacturing industry. At present, by integrating the technical innovation and optimization measures of current cemented carbide indexable blades in terms of matrix material, CVD or PVD coating and post-treatment, groove shape and edge treatment, tool manufacturers can significantly improve the processing efficiency of the developed new brand of cemented carbide blades. The vp1500 (processing cast iron), vp5600 (processing steel) and vp9600 (processing superalloy) blade series developed by wannaite company can increase the cutting parameters by 20%

for tool users, the ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency that enterprises can operate independently of the main computer at this time, and high processing efficiency means low processing cost and high income. Sandvik Clement company said that in 2008, Chinese users obtained the benefit of reducing processing costs by using Sandvik Clement tools, which is equivalent to 10% of the company's annual sales. This year, the company aims to increase this figure to 15%. This is only the contribution of a tool manufacturer, and the contribution of the whole industry will be a considerable number. At present, the common view in the industry is that increasing the processing efficiency by 20% can reduce the processing cost by 15%, and increasing the processing efficiency by 20% is the level that most tool manufacturers can promise at present, and it is also the return that most tool users can claim from advanced tools after their efforts

at present, the tool industry has provided more and more advanced technical support for the manufacturing industry, such as several typical workpieces of automobile engines and processing tools, aircraft landing gear and other aviation parts and processing tools, as well as tools for processing molds, even including key parts and processing tools of China's emerging wind power industry and high-speed train industry. According to statistics, the global cutting tools are distributed according to the sales direction of the manufacturing sector. General machinery accounts for 35%, automobiles 34%, aviation industry 12%, medical machinery 5%, molds 4%, and others 10%

in order to catch up with the leap forward development of the manufacturing industry, tool manufacturers have made long-term exploration and innovation, and have made great breakthroughs. Now, we have heard and seen more solemn commitments of tool enterprises, including Sandvik's happy "gather your success"; The "kennametalcomplete comprehensive service plan" for Kenna company to establish a partnership with customers, which includes extensive cooperation contents such as continuous on-site optimization, tool management and maintenance, personnel training, etc; There are also wannaite's "partners who provide you with value-added solutions for manufacturing processes. Let's make cost reduction plans for your factory"; As pointed out by ess, chairman of mapa company, the company has always adhered to the service philosophy of "we hope to maintain close contact with customers and provide them with the most suitable solutions based on their needs." It is these flashing ideas that have created world-famous tool brands. With their characteristic tools, they continue to improve the technical level and processing efficiency of cutting processing. The benefits brought by the new concept of tool manufacturers to users are changing the concept of tool users, who regard tool manufacturers as indispensable partners. A company that produces aviation parts has significantly improved its productivity after establishing a partnership with Sango. When summing up this partnership, the company pointed out: "we need a real partner who can provide us with cutting tool solutions, a supplier who is both reliable and able to provide more than the cutting tool itself. We also need solutions, technical support, competitiveness and delivery capacity. Shangao cutting tool is our choice and meets our standards." The manufacturing industry, which regards all hydraulic cylinders as a very soft hydraulic spring cutting tool industry as a partner, has inserted wings for itself to take off

the tool industry is in a period of rapid development of tools and cutting technology. The development of China's manufacturing industry has entered a critical stage. In addition to the introduction of the revitalization plan of the manufacturing industry, this benign interaction between tool manufacturers and users will not only help overcome the current financial crisis, but also greatly accelerate the process of building a manufacturing power in China, and will bring a bright prospect of long-term cooperation and win-win results for both sides

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