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From June 4 to 5, the leading group of the company used two and a half days to carefully review and summarize the company's production and operation work in the month according to this year's work assignment. Compared with the "three stricts and three realities", the company carefully analyzed the current development situation of the enterprise, raised questions and checked deficiencies, seriously discussed the "innovation and upgrading action plan" and the production and operation work in the second half of the year, and put forward many constructive suggestions

at the meeting, each team member reported on the completion of tasks and existing problems from January to may, and put forward work ideas for the second half of the year in combination with the "innovation and upgrading action plan". Other members discussed the contents of the report one-on-one, specific to every market, every product, every part, every system, every aspect, every link, pointed out deficiencies, made suggestions, expressed their views, and achieved good results. They further clarified the work tasks and ideas for the second half of the year, and implemented the "innovation and upgrading action plan"

Wu Zhenghe, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board, pointed out in his summary that during the special democratic life meeting a few days ago, everyone mainly carried out criticism and self-criticism in terms of ideology and style. Today's team meeting is to carry out criticism and self-criticism from the working level. Everyone faces problems directly, treats each other mercilessly, treats each other honestly, and communicates sincerely, unifies ideas in communication, and improves understanding in communication. From today's meeting, we can see your courage and determination to overcome difficulties, enhance your confidence in completing the annual production and operation tasks, and make a good start for the implementation of the "innovation and upgrading action plan". To this end, Chairman Wu pointed out four requirements:

first, we should further complete the installation and characteristics of relaxation testing machine and improve the "innovation and upgrading action plan" in combination with the work tasks of the whole year. We should base ourselves on reality, pay attention to the future, stand high and look far, and seek breakthroughs in work with innovative thinking. We should combine the "innovation and upgrading action plan" with the "two wonderful things of innovation", and achieve real goals and measures

second, the whole company should focus on improving product quality and efficiency as the most important work at present, and pay close attention to implementation. This year is the "year of brand, quality and benefit upgrading", which is very important for us and the top priority of our current work. We must establish brand awareness and quality awareness, and do more to improve the overall image of the enterprise. Quality is the fundamental guarantee for market expansion, which is the guarantee for the company to improve the profitability of the friendly relations between China and Belarus. Therefore, we should make a great determination to seriously study countermeasures from the aspects of assessment, performance, resources and so on, pay close attention to the implementation, and constantly improve the profitability of the enterprise

third, we should do a good job of implementation. We should combine it with the current special education of "three stricts and three realities" to find out our own problems, gaps and reasons. Leaders of the company should go deep into the market and the site to understand the situation and carry out work. Team members who are directly in charge of production, quality, procurement and other on-site work must go to the site every day. Other team members should go to the scene at least once a week to solve the problems reflected in the democratic life meeting by going to the scene and market, and publish the in-depth scene and market situation on the company's knowledge management platform with high-level information

fourth, further improve the work ideas in the second half of the year. According to everyone's suggestions and opinions, combined with the work in charge, we should first sort out in changing ideas and clarifying ideas. We should be good trainers and propagandists, and organize comrades in charge of departments to focus on discussion and brainstorm. Through extensive participation and concentrated discussion, we can make everyone understand the current situation, difficulties, opportunities and challenges faced by the enterprise, clarify the company's development goals, work tasks and work ideas, form a consensus, inspire spirit and firm confidence. This kind of structural diversity means that materials will be used in a new way, do their own work well, and turn ideas into reality

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