Electric poles grow in the hottest foam plank hous

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Foam plank houses "grow" electric poles. Residents cook with a gas stove next to the electric poles. Original title: Foam plank houses "grow" electric poles. Residents cook with a gas stove next to the electric poles. Video loading, please wait

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play the electric poles "grow" in the foam board room. Residents cook with a gas stove next to the electric poles

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mammoth Oriental today's news intern Liu Xuwen/video China's waste paper recycling is 49.94 million tons summer rain/editing

on November 7, mammoth Dong, such as computers, so the wiring terminals and wall switches in the chassis have been reported to the public, In the south of the road, 20 meters west of Xiong'er River Bridge, Dongsan Road, Zhengzhou City, there are several temporary foam board shops. The high-voltage power poles are directly surrounded in the foam board room, and the gas tank for cooking in the room is next to the pole, which has great potential safety hazards. There have been gas tank explosions in nearby stores in the past two years, and nearby residents are worried about it

the visit found that Dongsan road was bustling at 6 p.m., with a large flow of people. The nearby shopping malls carry goods, but in the first three quarters of this year, vendors shuttle back and forth on the road. Students from three nearby schools, office workers riding electric cars, passing vehicles and roadside vendors make this two-way two lane road seem a little crowded. At the same time, there is also the chaos of motor vehicles and trucks stopping on the sidewalk and non motor vehicles passing on the motor vehicle road

next to the green belt in the west of Xiong'er River Bridge and residential areas, you can see the foam plank houses called by citizens. There are fiveorsix shops in the whole green plank house, some of which are open. A pole is directly "long" in the foam board room, and there are high-voltage wires on the pole. In a shop, the shop is still open. The room separated by the sliding plastic door is the place where the shop cooks. Inside, there are cooking things, including a gas tank and a gas stove

the surrounding residents expressed concern about this phenomenon and believed that there were potential safety hazards, especially the gas tank explosion near them in the past two years. As for the phenomenon of road occupation, citizens said that the peddler drove away as soon as the law enforcer came, and the law enforcer recovered as soon as he left. At the same time, I hope relevant departments will solve this mess. Then I dialed 12319, and the staff said that they had sent this problem to Nanguan office to verify on site to see what the specific situation was

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