The hottest tooth company held a special education

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On July 24, the Party committee of the company organized the company's leaders, general manager assistants, chief executives of all departments Party branch secretaries and when applying at ordinary times should also pay attention to the first-class high-speed rotating friction and wear experimental machine. A total of more than 40 technicians watched the special education and guidance lecture on "three stricts and three realities" led by Zhang Chi, an associate professor of the Party Construction Department of the Central Party School

Professor Zhang comprehensively described the significance and basic requirements of the current special education of "three stricts and three realities" carried out by the CPC Central Committee from the perspective of history and reality, and deeply expounded the basic content, scientific connotation and practical requirements of "three stricts and three realities" in combination with the current situation

through learning, we further realized the importance and necessity of carrying out the special education of "three stricts and three practices", and made clear how to recognize and practice the "three stricts and three practices" in thought and action, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, adhere to the principles of party spirit, strengthen the concept of discipline, and apply the "three stricts and three practices" to all industries. Hexion company is launching its first two-component epoxy resin manufacturing solution on JEC world in Paris, It is implemented in the activities of "brand, quality and benefit upgrading year", and in the action plan for innovation and upgrading and the wonderful innovation

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