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Search marketing is a sharp tool to break through the business gap

waiting is also a kind of marketing. When Yang Wei, general manager of Liaoning Taiyang advertising color printing Co., Ltd., said this, he was really surprised. In today's fierce business competition, if you don't advance, you will fall back. How can you wait? Yang Wei, who has been engaged in printing for 10 years, slowly revealed the mystery. Liaoning Taiyang advertising color printing Co., Ltd. is a well-known color printing enterprise in Shenyang. However, the international financial crisis has brought a chill to this industry, which Yang Wei called not old. Enterprises in various industries reduce costs and printing. Like dominoes, we are the last one. Yang Wei said

in order to promote himself, Yang Wei thought of network and Baidu promotion

now we all use mutual non-ferrous high-end functional materials to connect products. Although we are a traditional industry, we should also try it. We didn't expect the effect to be surprisingly good. Yang Wei said. The military and government customers we had never been involved in before came to our door in person. In Yang Wei's view, customers in these industries can't be found by themselves through existing relationships. Baidu promotion has made up for the gaps in Taiyang's business, and these gaps can't be filled by how I hire people. Yang Wei emphasized

in the past, it was we who went out to find customers. Now it is the customers who come to us. Waiting can also do business, which is the biggest feeling after using Baidu promotion. Yang Wei said

with this static braking method, Taiyang advertising has become the top three in Shenyang color printing market

Baidu promotion has been used for nearly 3 years, but Yang Wei is also modest and does not particularly understand Internet marketing. But Yang Wei is very practical when doing search marketing. At present, I haven't put keywords about enterprise names on Baidu. Because our goal at this stage is to expand our business first. In terms of business keyword delivery, Yang Wei also has his own experience. Of course, he should buy keywords such as advertising and design, but the people who click on such keywords are more miscellaneous, while the effect of relatively refined keywords such as sample printing and brochure printing is much better

at present, the users found through Baidu search have accounted for 30% of its total business volume. New customers are basically from the top. Yang Wei said

asked about the future development direction, Yang Wei thought about it and said, I still need to change the station now. Change it to look better, so that those who find us through search will be attracted at once. This simple idea and answer is also an important reason for Taiyang's success in search marketing

perhaps it really responds to Yang Wei's words that printing is an old industry. Add a half sentence after that with the help of search marketing

business experience: some business gaps cannot be quickly filled by employing people. At this time, we should consider search marketing, and let those in the business gap prepare rigid polyurethane insulation materials with excellent 160 degree flame retardant performance; Customers who proposed the high-efficiency flame retardant mechanism of expandable graphite and nano aluminum hydroxide in rigid polyurethane insulation materials, such as accelerated decomposition, rapid carbon formation, and organic-inorganic coordination, came to the door in person

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