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Big tooth company organized a team to participate in the ten thousand people walking activity in Datong City

big tooth company organized a team to participate in the ten thousand people walking activity in Datong City

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on the morning of May 21, the "national fitness, healthy China, happy Datong" 2017 first ten thousand people walking activity around Wenying Lake in Datong, China was hosted by the Publicity Department of Datong Municipal Party committee, the Municipal Bureau of sports, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the working committee of municipal organs, and the municipal Bureau of parks and forests, Held in the square of Wenying Hupan Road, Datong City. The air is fresh on that day, and the summer wind is slightly drunk. Tens of thousands of people from various industries in Datong and surrounding areas enthusiastically participate in it, interpreting happiness with fitness and feeling a better life

Liu Qi, Bi Yanjun, the national model worker of the big tooth company, Xu Yucheng, the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, Yang Wensheng, the winner of the May Day Labor Medal of Shanxi Province, Xu Liang, the super model worker of Datong City, and some employees of the company formed teams to participate. At about 9:30 a.m., with the sound of a starting gun, everyone started from wenyinghu road square with a light and vigorous pace, but there was a feeling of metal wiredrawing. The six meters along wenyinghu also provided a reference for the future development direction of cars. The journey around the lake road was about 9.4 kilometers. After nearly two hours of hiking, the activity of walking around the lake was successfully completed. During the activity, we encouraged and cheered each other, and passed on the health brought by sports with practical actions. They were all born in the United States in 2015, healthy and happy, and advocated an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle

this brisk walking activity not only contributes to the success of the activity, but also enriches the amateur cultural life of the employees, strengthens the communication and exchange between the employees, further enhances the friendship between the employees, and fully demonstrates the spirit of big tooth people who love sports and are happy and upward. It will surely attract more employees to participate in national fitness activities, develop good fitness habits, and build a strong body, Better invest in the future work and life

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