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Tonight! Hawking's most terrifying prophecy may have come true

tonight! Hawking's most terrifying prophecy may have come true

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original title: tonight! Hawking's most terrifying prophecy may have come true

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intensive reading: in this era, your work will betray you, your industry will betray you, and your major will betray you. The only thing that can't betray you is your cognition and your ability

another butterfly of fate suddenly spread its subversive wings in the United States

the explosive news coming tonight is about a robot dog; To be exact, this is a robot dog named anymal developed by Intel and the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich

how good is this dog

1. You can get up after falling down

other robot dogs can't stand up after wrestling. This robot dog called anymal is different. After falling down, it can stand up again as long as it kicks its legs

you might say, it happens to be able to climb up in this direction. No, no, No. anymal can turn over and stand up when he falls in all directions

2. I'm not afraid of all kinds of strange terrain and walk on the ground

whether it's climbing the hillside, riding the waves, or climbing high to overlook, it's just a piece of cake for it

even when it snows, you can walk steadily on the icy ground and stairs. At this time, if it's a person, it's estimated that he will fall on his horse

3. The action speed is quite fast

under training, the robot dog's walking speed has reached 1.5 meters per second, faster than a real dog

how about it? Isn't it cute

now, anymal robot dog has begun mass production and large-scale commercialization. That is to say, soon, they will be able to collect more data, and then let them evolve forward at a high speed

In other words, these robots have become more and more like real people and animals, and can gradually and deeply participate in and change human life

although, this kind of robot dog is only the beginning for AI. But as the old saying goes: a leaf falls and autumn is known. From the development of robot dog, the future has come! Whether in production, scientific research or daily life, the world will experience a disruptive change

the world held its breath! This is too fast! Really, too fast

a few days ago, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla in the United States, shouted again: "I've been ringing the alarm bell, but until people saw the robot go to the street to kill, they didn't know how to react, because it looked so ethereal."

Elon Musk said: the development potential of artificial intelligence is too terrible. We need to actively regulate, not passively. Because I think it's too late when we react passively in AI regulation

this is not the first time Elon Musk made a cautionary statement, but it is indeed the most urgent and intense one he said

especially for humanoid robots and simulated robot dogs, musk is even more worried: "we'll be finished soon. It's nothing. In a few years, the robot will move quickly, and we need to use flash lights to see it. Have a good dream..."

think about this robot, which is still evolving rapidly, and after a period of time, its action will be so fast that we need flash lights to see it, Let alone we can catch up with it. This prospect is really terrible

according to Musk's original words, "we need to be extremely vigilant about artificial intelligence, which is more dangerous than nuclear weapons!"

Elon Musk's concern is indeed not groundless. In particular, recently, artificial intelligence has once again shown a leap forward by leaps and bounds

in fact, AI is not isolated. Behind it are cloud computing and big data. Using the phenomenon of the industrial age, for example, cloud computing is equivalent to the modified particle control system of AI power car factories, while big data is equivalent to AI steel and materials

now, everything is developing subversively

1. With the advent of quantum computers, human computing power is on the eve of exponential growth

a few days ago, IBM announced that it had successfully developed the world's first independent quantum computer, which customers can use through interconnection for large-scale data calculation

yes, you are right. IBM's quantum computer has finally entered the commercial sector, two years ahead of its expected landing three years later

this is really an epoch-making leap. Quantum computers, which used to look unreachable, suddenly approached human beings

How strong is quantum computer? Let's say that a quantum computer the size of a desktop computer can reach or even exceed the computing power of today's most advanced Chinese supercomputer

for example: to crack a commonly used RSA cryptosystem, it takes 600000 years to use the largest and best supercomputer at present, but it takes less than 3 hours to use a quantum computer with considerable storage function

and all this is only the beginning. At this rate, the magic power of quantum computers will soon be frighteningly strong

with such powerful computing power, AI will make a great leap in its ability to analyze big data using deep learning algorithms

2. The promotion and application of the new generation of Internet on a global scale will transform the Internet characterized by human to human links into a trinity of human to human, human to object, and object to object links, and big data will emerge in a blowout

far from it, take China for example. Some time ago, the state issued a notice announcing the implementation of the action plan for the scale deployment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

this new generation of Internet has greater network address resources, which is said to be able to write an address for every grain of sand in the world. In this way, thousands of trillions of devices will be connected to the IOT through sensors to produce massive amounts of data

with this huge amount of big data, AI can use powerful computing power and deep learning algorithms to analyze the laws behind big data and make itself smarter and smarter. All kinds of robots will enter our production and life, and the world we live in will undergo unpredictable changes

yes, inadvertently, a butterfly of destiny has spread its subversive wings! These seemingly inconspicuous wings flutter, but it is likely to cause a huge earthquake like a tsunami in human society in the near future

seeing this scene, many people may want to sigh. 3. Looking at the quality of the jaws, they are endless: artificial intelligence is coming too fast, it is simply caught off guard

in just a few years, AI is no longer science fiction, reading comprehension, title, jumping bytes in the ether and weak souls in the CPU, but a real destiny

an artificial intelligence era is approaching us with unprecedented speed and influence! It can be said that in more and more fields, artificial intelligence is rapidly surpassing human beings

1. Artificial intelligence replaces human brain. In the future, not only excellent people compete with you, but also robots that don't need to sleep and learn automatically compete with you

in 2000, Goldman Sachs employed 600 traders at the U.S. cash and stock trading counter at its headquarters in New York. But today, there are only two traders left "staying empty"

the experience of replacing traders at Goldman Sachs and UBS is only a microcosm of all walks of life. It has become a major trend to replace costly and inefficient manual labor with higher technology

Stanford Professor Kaplan made a statistics that 47% of the 720 registered occupations in the United States will be replaced by artificial intelligence. In countries with low-end technology and manual work, this proportion may exceed 70%

Citigroup predicts that European and American banks will cut 30% of their staff from 2015 to 2025, with a maximum of 1.7 million. AI only needs a few seconds to complete 360000 hours of human work, and all human beings are sloths in front of AI

musk said that in the next 20 years, 12% to 15% of the global labor force will be unemployed because of AI

however, Li Kaifu said more harshly that after years, perhaps 50% of mankind may face partial or total replacement of jobs. He predicted that the future AI revolution will be on the same scale as the industrial revolution, and may even bring far faster and greater changes than the industrial revolution

2. Even the art field, which was originally the most confident field of human beings that will not be usurped by artificial intelligence, has begun to be in a hurry. A recent news broke this last defense line

look, this Teo is a robot musician from Italy. His specialty is playing the piano

yes, you are right, just play the piano

are you surprised after watching it? In this regard, the International Piano Master Lang Lang commented on the spot: "the speed of robot Teo is faster than human beings, and the rhythm is also very accurate!"

some people may say that robots can play go. What's wrong with playing the piano? You don't know this. Playing go requires cold mathematical thinking, while playing the piano is more important to show human emotions. This was originally a human patent

however, the above scene may indicate that it is estimated that human beings will lose even the patent of emotion:

with the development of artificial intelligence, once machines master the big data of human emotions and can interpret and express human emotions, the group of artists may also be replaced by robots

3. In the military field, the most terrifying weapon in human history, the killer, may appear

just now, the research department of the U.S. military announced that it would invest $2billion in the next five years to develop new projects in artificial intelligence. This seemingly inconspicuous, but it really scared many people into a cold sweat

remember a horrible video that was made public at the United Nations weapons convention conference held in Geneva some time ago, attended by representatives of more than 70 countries that made the concept of after-sales service deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

in this video, it exposes a terrorist weapon in human history - killer

this killer is actually a small intelligent UAV, just as big as a bee, but its processor is 100 times faster than human beings and can avoid all kinds of human tracking

however, although the bee is small, it has all kinds of internal organs, especially its black Technology: wide-angle camera, sensor, face recognition, everything. As long as the target image information is input into it, it can find the target as accurately as a scalpel. Wearing a mask and camouflage is useless, and its recognition rate is as high as 99.99

thirdly, each killer is equipped with 3 grams of concentrated explosives. After the target is determined, one impact can explode the head without pressure and destroy the whole brain. Moreover, it can penetrate buildings, cars, trains, avoid human bullets, and deal with almost all defensive means.

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