Eighteen martial arts of the hottest civil UAV

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The "18 kinds of martial arts" of civil UAVs

UAVs carry out epidemic prevention publicity in the community

the drone is ready to spray disinfectant

UAV hangs QR code to control vehicles entering and leaving the city

Since the 21st century, the development of civil unmanned aerial vehicles has become a global hotspot. Nowadays, civil UAV has become a new production tool, which is widely used in agricultural production, environmental monitoring, emergency relief, cargo transportation and other fields. Drones also played an important role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19, which once again attracted widespread attention

in 1917, the first unmanned aerial vehicle flew in Britain. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by radio remote control equipment and program control devices. Because UAV can complete complex air flight tasks and various load tasks, it is also called "Aerial Robot"

the birth of unmanned aerial vehicles mainly stems from modern war. In World War I in 1914, Britain proposed to develop a small aircraft that did not need to be piloted and operated by radio. In 1917, the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle successfully made its maiden flight in Britain. At first, UAV was mainly used for military tasks such as target aircraft and reconnaissance. After a century of development, the application of UAV has gradually expanded to the civilian field

the development of unmanned aerial vehicles in China began in the 1950s and 1960s. On August 3, 1958, Northwestern Polytechnic University developed DSM: high performance polyamide material to produce the next generation usbnbsp; The type-C connector has produced China's first unmanned aerial vehicle system, and successfully tested at Xi'an Yaocun airport, creating a precedent for the cause of unmanned aerial vehicles in China. Since 2006, Chinese civil UAV companies have been established, and the market began to heat up rapidly. After 2013, the UAV market in China has become increasingly popular

the efficiency of spraying pesticides is increased by 30 times

civil UAVs are widely used in agricultural production by virtue of their advantages of light weight, high flexibility, freedom from terrain factors, and small impact of climate factors. UAVs can be seen everywhere in agricultural plant protection, seeding, crop data monitoring and other fields. In agricultural plant protection, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles can effectively save labor, reduce operating costs, improve work efficiency and pesticide penetration. According to the test, the efficiency of pesticide spraying by unmanned aerial vehicles can reach more than 30 times that of traditional spraying methods. In terms of crop data monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles based on remote sensing can effectively obtain crop growth period, phenotypic information, coverage and other information, provide basis for agricultural monitoring and improve production efficiency

line inspection can effectively avoid the blind spot of inspection

China's power transmission and distribution lines and oil and gas pipelines have the characteristics of long distance, wide distribution and complex environment, which brings great difficulty to line inspection. The traditional manual inspection method is not only high cost, low efficiency, but also high security risk. With patrol drones, these difficulties will be solved. UAV has the characteristics of flexible line inspection, fast inspection, timely information feedback and high work efficiency, and plays an important role in the field of road inspection. It is reported that in February 2019, Tuha oilfield applied unmanned aerial vehicle intelligent inspection, and the work efficiency was increased by 10 times. In addition, through the high-definition camera, the UAV can also clearly see the line conditions, find defects that are difficult to find during ground inspection, and avoid inspection blind spots

emergency rescue realizes long-distance search and rescue

with the development of technology, unmanned aerial vehicles are more widely used in the field of emergency disaster relief. The special UAV for disaster relief, combined with video, infrared monitoring and image transmission equipment, can patrol, detect, conduct on-site rescue command and prevention and control of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and various emergencies. Moreover, UAV search technology can skillfully combine RF technology with personal positioning search to realize long-distance search and rescue. In 2014, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Ludian, Yunnan Province, China. China has used the rapid three-dimensional modeling technology of UAV to draw the geological disaster investigation and evaluation map in the earthquake area, realizing the three-dimensional visualization of geological disaster information at the first time, and providing effective guidance for disaster emergency rescue command

vision comprehensive monitoring of forest fire

fire fighting UAV integrates flight control technology, sensing technology and modern communication technology, and has the advantages of driverless, flexible, comprehensive vision, high-definition camera and digital video transmission equipment. This kind of UAV can not only monitor forest fires, but also enter and exit the high humidity and high temperature over the fire site, go deep into the areas that firefighters are difficult to go deep into, continue to investigate the fire disaster, transmit fire information, provide communication support, assist in fire extinguishing, deliver rescue materials and assist in personnel rescue. In 2015, Perth, Australia, used the electronic optical system and image information acquisition system on the UAV of an American company to monitor the occurrence, development and distribution density of fires

flight detection of typhoons

meteorological monitoring UAV is flexible, with high accuracy and low cost. It is not restricted by region. It can flexibly carry miniaturized meteorological observation equipment to realize real-time observation and data transmission of meteorological monitoring indicators such as air temperature, humidity, air pressure and environmental carbon dioxide. It has become a useful supplement to traditional meteorological stations, providing low altitude meteorological monitoring, sudden meteorological disaster monitoring, refined meteorological prediction Provide technical support for air pollution research. In July, 2008, Chinese Mainland made the first flight detection of Typhoon "Seagull" by UAV. The flight time was 3 hours, the altitude was 500 meters, and the nearest distance from the typhoon center was 108.4 kilometers. More than 90% of the meteorological element data were obtained

help the dynamic supervision of land and resources

with the rapid development of UAV technology, the application of UAV aerial photogrammetry technology in land and resources monitoring, mineral resources supervision, land consolidation, cultivated land protection, land law enforcement inspection, urban planning and other aspects is deepening. Through the comprehensive utilization of advanced unmanned aerial vehicle technology and remote sensing sensor technology, UAV can automatically and quickly obtain space remote sensing information such as land, resources and environment, and conduct remote sensing data processing, modeling and application analysis, so as to clearly show the distribution of land resources and accurately monitor the location, scope, area, form and utilization of land resources. Moreover, through the results of UAV remote sensing, we can also timely find and investigate and deal with violations of land and resources in the monitored area according to law, which is conducive to the dynamic supervision of land and resources

mapping and establishing a three-dimensional island reef model

in terms of ocean monitoring, UAV monitoring system has many unique advantages over conventional sea surface monitoring methods such as ship borne equipment investigation and sea surface buoys. It is flexible and can cover sea areas with remote geographical location and poor environmental conditions, and obtain comprehensive sea area environmental parameters, including marine regional climate, marine abnormal changes, marine biological environment Data and information are provided for the study of seawater salinity change at the estuary and coastal land salinization. In the mapping of islands and reefs, UAVs can extract the outline, area, cover type and other information of islands and reefs, and establish a three-dimensional island and reef model. The drone can also be equipped with water containers and pumping devices to realize low altitude water quality monitoring and sampling and quickly find water quality problems

open distribution routes in remote areas

in recent years, with the rise of modern logistics industry and the rapid popularization of online e-commerce, the demand for unmanned aerial vehicles for logistics worldwide is also expanding rapidly, and the full-automatic closed loop between unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligent parcel cabinets has been achieved. Drones can also fully meet the distribution needs of remote mountainous areas. China Post opened the first drone distribution route in Anjishan village, Zhejiang Province. Try the second case: first, check whether the force measuring piston is installed correctly and whether the friction force is too large. After eliminating this reason, adjust the push plate to the outside, and adjust the small dial to be qualified. If the large and medium dial are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be appropriately reduced, Delivery services in remote areas up to the qualified point

participated in rescue operations and successfully rescued hostages

in addition to the above purposes, civil UAVs are also used in film and television shooting, aerial photography, police security, entertainment and other fields. In terms of film and television shooting, many classic blockbusters, such as Harry Potter series and transformers 4, can find traces of drones behind the scenes. In terms of police security, as a new type of police equipment, police UAV plays an important role in pursuit, patrol search, traffic management, large-scale event security and social rescue tasks. On March 13, 2015, a hostage taking incident occurred in Paris, France. The police used drones to participate in the rescue operation and successfully rescued the hostages

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the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in the fight against the COVID-19

epidemic prevention publicity

unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in epidemic prevention publicity around the country with their advantages of portability, flexibility, small impact by terrain and wide coverage. The broadcast equipment carried by UAVs can be used to promote epidemic prevention knowledge and inform people of important information. It can be used not only in densely populated high-rise communities, but also in remote villages and towns, as well as in back streets and alleys where loudspeakers cannot reach, so as to achieve full coverage of epidemic prevention publicity "in the air and on the ground"

prevention and control patrol

on the battlefield of the prevention and control of the COVID-19, UAV high-altitude Patrol has become a new means of epidemic prevention and control. With the characteristics of flexibility, fast patrol, timely information feedback and high work efficiency, UAV has become the "vanguard" of epidemic prevention and control in the field of patrol. Drones can patrol various communities, villages and important traffic arteries many times a day, and "shout" to citizens who do not wear masks and gather in violation of regulations, so as to persuade citizens to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control at home and prevent infection

spray disinfection

using UAV disinfection has four advantages: precision, speed, efficiency and safety. In terms of precise spraying and disinfection, UAV can realize seamless and repeated spraying of drugs through GPS satellite positioning. It is reported that tens of thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles across the country have been connected to the Beidou high-precision positioning system. According to the waypoints and flight paths generated by the system, they can achieve centimeter flight accuracy and achieve accurate spraying

in terms of operation efficiency, compared with the traditional manual spraying operation, UAV spraying disinfection saves time and labor, reduces the operation cost and improves the work efficiency. On February 10, 2020, in order to ensure the smooth resumption of work of enterprises under its jurisdiction, Suzhou science and technology city used drones to spray disinfection in the air in the residential areas, enterprise entrances and exits and other personnel gathering areas. It took only half an hour to carry out a full coverage disinfection of the park covering an area of 140000 square meters. In terms of pesticide application effect, UAV has high penetration. Because the UAV operates at a low altitude and slow speed, the drug penetration can be enhanced under the action of the downward airflow of the UAV rotor. In terms of safety, UAV disinfection can prevent operators from contacting disinfection liquid and improve the safety of disinfection operation

traffic control

with the advantages of being free from terrain restrictions, fast flying speed and long control distance, UAV has become a "little assistant" of traffic police, shouting in the air at the epidemic prevention and control checkpoints on the highway, assisting the traffic police to strengthen control, helping the traffic police to conduct traffic dredging, improving the detection efficiency of checkpoints and reducing congestion. Moreover, UAVs can help traffic control and avoid close contact between people and infection


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