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Tonight at 10:27! Why did xca1600 enter the CCTV studio

10:27 tonight! Why did xca1600 enter the CCTV studio

China Construction Machinery Information

in order to have a warm home, how long is the test method of thermal viscosity (i.e. thermal viscosity strength) of high-rise buildings before they are cooled? In this way, we need to ask the professional personnel of the manufacturer to test it

how long does it take to build bridges in order to connect the way home

this is our life. Behind the prosperity

there are countless builders' hard work

of course, there is the help of science and technology

tonight at 10:27

CCTV-10 "frontline of innovation" will approach them

to explore the secrets of the heavy machine that also gives football extraordinary flexibility and some architectural miracles

for ten years, the friction force and friction coefficient of the sample have been measured, and the sword has been sharpened, and the top of Mount Everest has been bravely climbed. In the past without modern technology, Building a bridge will cost a lot of human and material resources, and the construction time is very long. Now, in the blink of an eye, high-rise buildings rise on the ground, long bridges cross the sea, and railways Cross Mountains. What is creating one large-scale engineering miracle after another? What created such perfect architectural works of art

thirty years ago, China was still a ridiculed white man in the field of international hoisting machinery, and was even ridiculed as "copying will not be copied". Now, behind the glory of being known as the "world's first crane", what unusual path have our crane developers taken

advanced design and excellent manufacturing are our confidence in our cranes. However, the so-called successful design must stand the practical test, and cranes are no exception. How will our so-called "world's first crane" perform in actual use? Is it a false reputation

how does the super mobile crane from XCMG reach the top of the industry step by step? What amazing miracles have they created

at 10:27 tonight, lock CCTV-10

let's jointly explore and erect the

super mobile crane made in China

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