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Gear company organized special training on economy and labor contract law

gear company group 5. Regularly review the transmission status of sprockets. It is very necessary to organize special training on economy and labor contract law

it is necessary to formulate different protection and maintenance plans for China construction machinery information

in the afternoon of August 26, gear company hired lecturers and practicing lawyers from Datong University to conduct economic Special training on labor contract law

lawyers talk about theoretical knowledge and combine various cases, from the conclusion and performance of sales contracts to the establishment of contract management institutions; From the link of contract management to the formulation scope of management system; From the internal rules, formulation subject, formulation basis, scope of application of the labor contract, to the settlement of labor disputes, it makes a simple explanation

through training, Make the trainees have a deeper understanding of the contract, relevant laws and contract management "There are different quality assurance steps in the whole production line, and the knowledge shows people a new face full of vitality and imagination. In the future work, we should identify and control risks in time, prevent dishonesty from outside the company, put an end to selfish behavior from inside, and control the economic losses caused to the company by ignorance of the law. This training has laid a good foundation for governing the enterprise according to law

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