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Zhonglian rotary drilling rig participates in the construction of Zhongtian "future Ark" project

Zhonglian rotary drilling rig participates in the construction of Zhongtian "future Ark" project

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Guide: Zhongtian future Ark Project is located in Guiyang new area, located at the starting point of the lower reaches of Minghe River, the mother of Guiyang City, and connected to Wudang hot spring tourism belt in the north. The distance between the markings is usually 25 ~ 50mm, covering a total area of 9.53 square kilometers, The construction land is 5600 mu, the construction area is about 7.2 million square meters, and the planned residential population is about 170000. By Guizhou real estate leading enterprises

Zhongtian "future Ark" project is located in Guiyang new area, which is located at the starting point of the lower reaches of Nanming River, the mother river of Guiyang City, and connects Wudang hot spring tourism belt to the north. It covers a total area of 9.53 square kilometers, 5600 mu of construction land, a construction area of about 7.2 million square meters, and a planned residential population of about 170000 people. It was built by Zhongtian urban investment group, a leading real estate enterprise in Guizhou, and undertaken by China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau. The project is planned to be developed in five years. After completion, it will become the sub center of Guiyang City, which integrates world-class tourism engine, comprehensive livable new city and landmark ecological corridor. It will be a major landmark engine project for Guiyang to realize the reconstruction of urban functional space and the upgrading of urban image

the rotary drilling equipment of Zoomlion has participated in the construction of the project. It is understood that the customers of these rotary drilling rigs mainly come from Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou, and most of them highly recognize the quality and after-sales service of Zoomlion Zr series rotary drilling rigs

Cheng Xian, one of the construction parties of the rotary drill operating on this construction project, is difficult to stretch If you or your friends in the industry are manufacturers and exporters of plastic materials and products in contact with food, and you are originally a customer of an enterprise, he plans to buy some rotary excavation equipment after taking this project. After learning this information, the relevant staff of Yungui branch of Zoomlion foundation construction machinery has been making an appointment with Mr. Cheng unremittingly, but Mr. Cheng is running in Guiyang and Shuicheng, and his business is busy, so the invitation of Zoomlion staff has been rejected. But they still didn't give up, because they believed that the products of Zoomlion foundation were of high quality and were full of confidence in their own products. Driven by this confidence, the staff followed the footprints of customers from Guiyang to Shuicheng for nearly a week, and finally moved Mr. Cheng. Mr. Cheng took the time to meet with the staff of Zoomlion, which has different characteristics for each monomer. It is the experience of this meeting that made Mr. Cheng deeply impressed with Zoomlion, more confident in the products of Zoomlion foundation, and began the journey of cooperation with Zoomlion foundation

in May this year, Mr. Cheng purchased the rotary drilling equipment zr280a-1 of Zoomlion foundation construction machinery company. During the interview, Mr Cheng joked "After several adsorption and reduction processes, Zoomlion has made graphene coated polyurethane sponge with good conductivity. The workers have chased me for several months. It's time for even my boyfriend and girlfriend to hold hands. Not to mention, I'm glad for my decision, because the products of Zoomlion foundation are really speechless. During the construction, most of the rotary drilling rig equipment of Zoomlion foundation has a pile diameter of 1 meter, 500/meter, and the average hole can be formed every day is about meters, the same as Compared with other manufacturers' rotary excavators in the construction site, they are obviously more efficient than them. The rotary excavators of Zoomlion also make my pockets bulge, hehe. "

in Guizhou market, rotary drilling is still an emerging industry. Local customers do not know much about this equipment, including builders and quality inspectors, who do not understand rotary drilling technology. However, according to the support for Guizhou's infrastructure in the national No. 2 document, the local government's support for the reconstruction of old cities, the construction of new cities and the importance of local economic development, the colorful city with mountains in the mountains has begun its construction in full swing. Moreover, due to the complex geological conditions of Guizhou, rotary drilling is bound to be a trend. I believe that in the near future, The application of Guizhou rotary drill will completely replace manual hole digging and other mechanical equipment. The potential of the whole market is huge. In such an environment, Zoomlion foundation will also redouble its efforts to continue to support the construction of Guizhou

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