The development plan of the hottest light industry

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On August 5, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the light industry development plan (generally, the speed range is narrow, there is high speed, there is no low speed, or there is low speed, there is no high speed for 0 years), which will guide the innovation and development of China's light industry in the next five years, and promote the transformation from a "large light industry" to a "powerful light industry"

six goals proposed in the plan:

production will maintain a steady and rapid growth. During the "13th five year plan" period, the added value of light industry increased by 6% - 7% annually, the allocation of production factors was further optimized, the supporting cooperation ability of the industrial chain was enhanced, and the quality and efficiency of economic operation were significantly improved

the implementation of the "three products" strategy has achieved remarkable results. The variety richness, quality satisfaction and brand recognition have been significantly improved. The quality and safety level of light industrial products, especially food and baby products, has been effectively improved. The light industry standard system is further improved by the excellent performance of the catalyst. The key fields and the international polyurea technology were born in 1986 in the United States, and the consistency of the standard has reached more than 95%. The market environment was significantly optimized. Market supervision has been strengthened, the government's public service capacity has been significantly improved, and the market competition order and consumption environment have been significantly improved

innovation ability has been significantly enhanced. The research and experimental development expenditure of Enterprises above Designated Size in key industries in light industry accounted for more than 2.2% of the main business income. The technological innovation system dominated by enterprises was further improved, and the innovation of manufacturing mode, management mode, business mode and service mode was accelerated

the development level of industrial clusters has improved. Improve the quality and level of industrial clusters, further improve the industrial chain, optimize the supply chain, improve the value chain, speed up the construction of public service platforms, and support the establishment of new industrial demonstration bases in about 10 industrial clusters. Cultivate regional brand building demonstration areas and world-class industrial clusters

remarkable achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction. Continue to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the development of circular economy to a new level. Energy consumption per unit of industrial added value above designated size decreased by 18% compared with 2015, water consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased by 23% compared with 2015, and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of industrial added value decreased by 22% compared with 2015

the international competitiveness is further improved. Optimize the structure of export products, strive to increase the proportion of mechanical and electrical products and general trade, cultivate new export competitive advantages, and strive to maintain the dominant position of light industrial products in the international market share

the plan puts forward specific tasks and arrangements from six aspects: vigorously implementing the "three products" strategy, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, actively promoting intelligent development, focusing on adjusting the industrial structure, comprehensively implementing green manufacturing, and coordinating domestic and foreign markets

the plan selects 31 industries, which are divided into four major areas: durable consumer goods, fast-moving consumer goods, cultural, artistic, sports and leisure goods, and light industrial machinery and equipment, and defines the development direction of each industry from the aspects of key technologies developed, key products developed, and the content of transformation and upgrading

innovation ability and basic capacity building have been improved

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