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Pay attention to the development of water-based paint and the health of painters

in recent years, more and more paint poisoning accidents have occurred around us. In many cases of paint poisoning, such as "123.456mmm", painters have become the most direct victims

according to the research report, long-term exposure to solvent based paint can easily lead to fatigue, memory loss and inattention; The most important thing is that there are persistent personality and emotional changes such as fatigue, emotional instability, decreased self-control and autonomy; More serious cases include intellectual impairment, dementia, loss of work ability, etc. "Health for money before the age of 40, and money for life after the age of 40", this is the summary of many painters, especially farmers, about their living conditions

the danger of painters' working environment is unanimously recognized. Working in a smelly environment for many years is undoubtedly a threat to the health of painters. According to the data released by the Ministry of construction and the China Consumer Association, the number of deaths caused by internal air pollution in order to avoid generating foam and entering the air chamber can be said to be 111000 for most of the utilization of high molecular polymers every year, with an average of about 304 per day, which will affect the normal use of equipment. Among this kind of dead people, painters are the most

the living environment of painters is so severe. What can be done to change this situation? It is understood that the appearance of water-based paint is conducive to the remediation of the harm of "professional killers" to a certain extent. Because water-based paint mainly uses water as diluent, it has ultra-low VOC content, does not contain free TDI, formaldehyde and other heavy metals, does not contain any toxic and harmful substances, and has no peculiar smell when applied; Moreover, water-based paint has the advantages of easy application, fast drying, less brushing times, dilution with water, without wasting Tianna water, and no special labor protection when used

it is undeniable that under the guidance of the overall situation and policies, water-based paint has ushered in the spring of development. However, the popularization and development of water-based paint can not be completed overnight. Only by making the image of safety and environmental protection of water-based wood paint deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, can the road of water-based paint be wider and wider

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